StoriesMovers: Michael, Product

Movers: Michael, Product

A 30-year veteran of the insurance industry, Michael joined the Movinx team with a mission to reimagine how people interact with insurance.

Having dealt with customers throughout the insurance value-chain: from quoting, to contracting, to claims, Michael really understands that the secret to helping ease some of the frustrations attached to the “grudge purchase” of insurance is to simply take away the hassle.

He believes in making the process as easy to understand as possible and – essentially – making it inconsequential, while ensuring customers are fully protected when they need it most.

This is simpler said than done.

Michael has seen firsthand the complexities attached to modernizing the insurance sector, one of the last to truly digitalize their operations. The legacy systems in the insurance industry make  modernization a challenge, in addition to that, trying to make it all a cohesive, global process is next to impossible. This is why Michael came to Movinx.

Never say something cannot be done because there is always a solution. This is why Movinx exists.

With the data and technology that is now available to the mobility and insurance sectors, Michael is passionate about what the future and possibilities will bring, he is working with Movinx to empower partners to keep things simple. After all, the way we interact with most things online today are effortless, they require no thinking: how we interact with online banking, changing our details on different portals, making appointments, etc…

Michael knows that taking the hassle away from partners and customers when they need us to, is the natural next step. Importantly, he was keen to be a part of a team that has expertise in all the sectors that can make it happen: insurance, mobility and technology. Let’s get Movinx! 

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