StoriesMovers: Zy, Insurance

Movers: Zy, Insurance

Meet Zy, the brilliant mind behind insurance product development at Movinx. If you’ve ever wondered about the masterminds shaping the future of insurance, Zy is the person to know. With a background in actuarial science and a decade-long stint in the insurance industry, Zy brings a wealth of actuary expertise to her role as the Insurance Product Manager at Movinx.

Having spent over a decade in the insurance sector, Keith was keen to “get his hands dirty” and “look under the hood” when it came to product development. After all, even when you work within the product department, in a big insurance company, you don’t always understand all the decisions.

“I often got frustrated with the legal department, or the tech, because of things they couldn’t or wouldn’t – and I couldn’t understand why! When I learnt that at Movinx I would own the end-to end product development, it really spoke to me, it seemed like a tremendous learning opportunity but also the opportunity to finally do what needed to be done – without constraints,” he reflected about why he made the switch to our insurtech.

But what exactly does an insurance product manager do?

Zy is responsible for more than just crunching numbers and analyzing risks. She’s the visionary who conceptualizes and develops products tailored to Movinx’s automotive OEM partners. From navigating complex regulations to crafting innovative solutions for emerging market needs, Zy’s days are as dynamic as they are impactful.

What sets us apart is our commitment to redefining the insurance landscape. In a world where insurance can often feel like a commodity, our partnerships are leading the charge in offering tailored protection that goes beyond the bottom line. Auto OEM-led insurance programs are not only providing essential coverage, they are also building trust and loyalty among customers.

What led Zy to Movinx in the first place?

It wasn’t just the opportunity for professional growth or the chance to work remotely from France. It was Movinx’s bold vision and unwavering commitment to innovation that drew her in. She saw the potential to revolutionize insurance by leveraging cutting-edge technology, like connected data, to offer personalized protection and enhance the customer experience through fully embedded solutions – a novelty in the market.

Yet, what surprised her the most during her time with us was: trust. Trust in her expertise, trust in her team, and trust in the power of remote work. Movinx’s culture of empowerment allows Zy to thrive, even from thousands of miles away.

For me the future is about being more precise on assessing risk, because the client will need protection that is adapted to their individual risk.

What's next for Zy and Movinx?

With her keen eye for emerging trends and Movinx’s dedication to pushing boundaries, the possibilities are endless. And trust is an important concept in this process too, as customers don’t always understand the intricacies of risk assessment and insurance protection. As an actuary, this isn’t lost on Zy; leveraging data to give customers the protection they need based on personalized attributes that are relevant and transparent, will go a long way to helping build that trust and establish long-term loyalty.

From advancing mobility protection for electric and automated vehicles to harnessing the full potential of connected data, Zy and the team are looking for ways to add value for customers beyond insurance.

Become a Mover.

So, whether you’re passionate about insurance or simply intrigued by the intersection of technology and protection, keep an eye on Zy and Movinx. When it comes to reimagining insurance, they’re leading the way. 

Keep movinx forward with Zy – the future of embedded insurance is brighter than ever. You can find more stories about our team, here.

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