In the newsDifficult stories make a high-performance team

Difficult stories make a high-performance team

by Speak Like a CEO – podcast

“Our best marketing employee is Elon Musk!”, says Caro Gabor with a twinkle in her eyes. Musk’s goal of fixing the “incredibly inefficient” car insurance market while making a lot of money from it has gotten the attention of the car industry.

For car buyers, getting insurance is the least favourite part of the purchase. This is about to change. Caro’s aim is to make the insurance experience delightful, especially for that moment when you need it. To do that requires solving some really hard problems, something she relishes.

Since April 2021 Caro has been CEO of Movinx GmbH, a joint venture of Mercedes-Benz and Swiss Re. The global startup has a unique positioning, delivering mobility insurance through a digital business model that takes full advantage of tech and data to deliver a great customer experience. The aim is for it to become invisible.

As a communicator, Caro is not holding back. As an experienced entrepreneur, she believes that CEOs need to trust their teams with the difficult stories for them to perform at their best. Before joining Movinx, she was CEO and co-founder of Joonko, Managing Director at finleap and the CEO of autohaus24 and TopTarif Internet.

The episode is packed with insights into including:

🦖 How to bridge the dinosaur and the green field mindsets when working with large companies

🗣 What truthful feedback can do for you and why Caro enjoys disagreement

📈 Why performance marketing is dead and what the next new big thing is

Listen to the full episode here.

This podcast was produced and published, by Oliver Aust as part of the Speak Like a CEO podcast on Friday, August 26, 2022. 

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