StoriesMovers: Jansen, New Markets

Movers: Jansen, New Markets

Having worked in-house in business development for the finance sector in Singapore, Jansen was looking for a more agile way of working to keep himself stimulated at work.
He started looking for jobs in Berlin, an European startup hub, and came across Movinx.
Working in startups is a lot about managing ambiguity and those who are attracted to a role in these companies tend to label themselves as problem-solvers. As Jansen put it himself, Movers have an “explorer spirit” they “navigate unchartered territories and find the answers themselves”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! 

A Mover doesn’t shy away from responsibility. They’re inspired by what they don’t know.

Something that really surprised him when starting at Movinx, was how diverse our team already was, even at startup stage. He described how important diversity of thought is to learning and development, and how crucial this is for a learning organization that is trying to change an industry, as we are.
In the New Markets team, no two days are the same. They’re tasked as being the first people in our business to truly understand a potential new market, its customers and their needs, before it really becomes an option for our business. To do this, Jansen and his team live and breathe this new market to try to understand all the questions that have not yet been asked, so we can solve them before they even become a problem.
If that’s not problem-solving, we don’t know what is! 

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