InsightsWorkcation in Spain? Why not: it’s the Movinx way.

Workcation in Spain? Why not: it’s the Movinx way.

By Janina, Sasha and Steffi, from our very own People team.

Flexible working has become part of the DNA for many of us, so how do we make it our own at Movinx? By making it truly flexible. We give teams and employees the freedom to decide how they’re most effective and set the routine they want. Our very own People team showed us how it’s done when they travelled to Spain for a ‘workcation’. Keep reading to find out more.

Getting the balance right at work, at home and with everything you have to do in between isn’t easy. As a remote-first company, we understand Movers aren’t confined to a traditional office setting, and we need to embrace new ways of working that prioritize our wellbeing and productivity.

Ownership is one of our core values at Movinx. To that end, one of the attitudes that the management team needs to employ to empower Movers to take ownership, is to trust them fully as professionals. And we do.

There is a lot of power in flexibility, and our recent workcation to Spain exemplified our commitment to creating an environment that fosters personal and professional growth, team cohesion, and importantly, trust.

What exactly is a "workcation"?

It’s a concept that combines work and vacation (work + vacation = workcation, get it?!), allowing employees to work remotely while enjoying the benefits of being in a different location.

Workcation is a way to break free from the monotony of the everyday routine and find inspiration in a new environment. We decided amongst ourselves that we needed a break, and seeing as everyone wanted to chase the sunshine, we made it a thing!

Workcations can’t work everywhere.

The main thing we need to say is that our workcation was only able to work because flexibility, honesty and trust are already embedded into the Movinx DNA. So it’s not forced.

Allowing Movers to set their own routines, take breaks when they need to, and work in their own pace is how we work every – single – day. It just so happens that now we were doing it in Spain (and in style, if we may say so ourselves!).

Going on a workcation doesn’t mean, “let’s just sit in front of a screen together”. We needed a shared vision on how to spend our working time and our leisure time. And we needed to be committed to relaxing too, so that we could truly take advantage of all the benefits that leisure time, as a team, can bring to our professional lives too.

There are many benefits to a workcation (thanks, captain obvious!)

Workcations can allow employees to experience a change of scenery.

Not only is a change of location refreshing and invigorating, stepping away from the work, home office, the routine, and immersing oneself in a different culture, language, and landscape can stimulate creativity and promote out-of-the-box thinking. We can explore new perspectives, discover new ideas, and develop a broader mindset, all of which can contribute to improved problem-solving and innovation. That’s great for Movers, for our team and for the company!

Workcations promote team cohesion.

While we’re fully committed to our remote-first strategy, it can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and detachment from your team. Coming to a new location and tackling new kinds of challenges together, like: “what time should we take a walk to the beach”, or “which restaurant are we going to try tonight” – helps us learn new dimensions about our colleagues that we wouldn’t otherwise.

Weird things we learnt about each other during our workcation:

Workcations allow you to do things you might not have prioritized in the day-to-day.

Seeing as we were all together we wanted to make that time worthwhile, so we planned a couple of core strategic exercises we wanted to tackle as a team. It was the end of quarter which meant it was the perfect time to take stock about the quarter that was, and plan for the one coming. It also gave us the breadth and space to reflect about what we wanted our shared team mission to be. This is something we had wanted to tackle for a while, but never really prioritized it – so we did it. And it was another great way too, for us to come even closer together as a team.

To support this process, we are committed to providing a supportive environment where Movers feel empowered to explore new opportunities and expand their capabilities, and are not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes.

Let’s talk logistics.

Of course setting off to Spain isn’t feasible for everybody or for larger teams. We are a team of three, so it worked really well for us. What our workcation did remind us of though, was the importance of being intentional about having fun – and also relaxing together.

Creativity needs space to breathe, if we’re all consumed by day-to-day deadlines, it’s unsustainable. Things like offsites, planned team events with ‘no screen’ time and things as simple as workshops or brainstorming sessions run in environments away from the office, are much simpler, cost-effective and inclusive ways that teams can relax together and have more bandwidth to problem-solved together… or not – on purpose!

So all in all, what did we find out: workcations can help encourage job satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce stress, which all contribute to higher retention rates! (Sorry, we’re in HR, we had to throw these terms in!)

Final thoughts.

Our workcation served as a tangible demonstration of our commitment to the happiness and mental health of Movers. We value and trust Movers to get the job done, and empower them to make decisions that optimize their performance and wellbeing.

By embracing quirky ideas like workcations, we create a culture that attracts and retains top talent, and that sets us apart as an employer of choice in a competitive market.

Our workcation in Spain was more than just a getaway; it was a testament to our progressive approach to work and our dedication to considering the holistic success of our people.

Flexibility, creativity, collaboration, and wellbeing are essential ingredients for a thriving workforce – and at Movinx, we are trusted and have ownership to get there.

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