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Who we are

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Movinx is a digital insurance technology company specializing in customer experience.

We are centrally available, yet tailored to individual mobility partners. We use driving and vehicle data to strengthen insurance offerings from local carriers, resulting in a purpose-built, individualized and scalable ecosystem. We enable a global auto insurance strategy while speaking the local market language, with a modern, fully-digital solution that will unlock the future of how customers interact with their end-to-end services – protecting them as they get from A to B, however they choose to do it.


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The future of mobility insurance will require the support of many different players from different parts of the sector. Those who understand the power of data and technology to truly strengthen customer experience and support.

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We were founded from the real need to merge two powerful sectors to resolve the intricacies of mobility protection in an increasingly connected world. To achieve this, we handpicked a team of experts across different fields who at their very core have a passion for building, growing and learning. Find out more about our team of Movers.

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