InsightsMore than remote: flexible work is the right way to work

More than remote: flexible work is the right way to work

by Janina Maldonado Menéndez, Movinx Head of HR

Flexibility for team members to work where and when they want is a top HR trend in 2022. Flexible work options and global access are already built into the Movinx culture – find out how.

The future of work...

It isn’t rows of cubicles, nor is it open space tables, at least, not all the time. It’s flexible work – and no, that doesn’t mean offering employees free yoga classes (but why not do that too!).

LinkedIn has released its Global Talent trends for 2022, and flexibility is the first subject on the table. What else do employees want? Well-being, transparency, and integration into the company culture. This is especially important to Gen Z and to a lesser degree Millennials. But what does it look like?

Remote work ≠ Flexible work

The COVID-19 crisis taught us we don’t have to be at the office to get work done. It has also brought to light the importance of flexibility for team members.

Flexible work can be divided up into simple categories that look like this:

The where:

Come into the office, work from home or from a coworking space.

The when:

A “work when you want, as long as it gets done,” strategy while still keeping team members looped into the company culture.

The how:

Having the tools, software and budget to support remote working. Just like in a regular office, team members need the tools to succeed and work comfortably.

The why:

To respect team members’ autonomy and judgment, increase efficiency and job satisfaction!

Happier Team Members, Better Business

According to the LinkedIn report, team members are 2.6x more likely to say they’re happy at their job and 2.1x more likely to recommend working for their company when their time and location flexibility needs are met. And according to Harvard Business Review, “In 2022, organizations will adopt new employee well-being measures that capture the financial health, mental health and physical health of their employees to more accurately predict employee performance and retention.”

But adopting a flexible work strategy is not just assigning team members to work and leaving them to get it done. Flexible work is an evolution of remote work, and companies must thoughtfully create the processes, systems, and protocols for team members to succeed. The order of the day is to conduct business while also creating a livable work culture for employees.

Flexible work requires trust and autonomy between team members and management. It relies on thoughtful integration into the company culture and clear communication. Keith, our principal product manager based in the United States, describes it just right when he says:

Working remotely helped me to improve my intentional communication skills to make up for the lack of casual office conversations. This intentional and direct style of communication led to increased efficiency.
Portrait of Keith Gaudin
Keith Gaudin
Principal Product Manager, North America

Bringing in a Flexible, Global Workforce

A flexible work strategy lends itself naturally to another trend that’s giving some companies an edge: hiring globally. Today, it is becoming more and more important to develop a global team; one that has the tools and opportunity to be a positive contributor to our community, wherever and however they chose to work.

Recruiting globally allows companies to find the perfect future members of their team, no matter where they live. It helps them bring in talent who understands and buys into the company mission. Add in the cross-cultural knowledge that the company might otherwise be missing out on if they only recruited locally and recruiting globally comes out looking like a pretty good idea.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we never meet offline though, as we do as well facilitate at least 3 in-person events (if Corona allows for instance workshop days, our summer and Christmas party) this year, where we fly every Mover around the world in to Berlin.

At Movinx, our Movers come from around the world and that’s part of what makes us strong. But you don’t have to take our word for it, when you can take Keith’s!

The flexibility to do what makes sense each day allows me to be more focused and productive. For example, some days it makes more sense to complete tasks at night after the kids are sleeping. Other days it is better to wake up very early to knock out key items.

Become a Mover

Movinx is scaling up to transform the automobile insurance industry. If flexible working is important for you, check out our open positions or reach out to our Talent Acquisition team.

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