Principle 2: Speak out


Speak out

We learn from our mistakes. Movers challenge each
other when something isn’t quite right, regardless of how
big or small that question might be, or who it is about. 

Key points.

  • Open and honest feedback is the foundation of being a Mover.
  • Checking ourselves and each other enables us to prevent poor conduct, and detect or correct if it occurs.
  • We nurture an environment where anyone who speaks out is encouraged, protected and has a range of ways to do so.

Fine print.

We have a culture of trust and transparency, so we make it abundantly clear to anyone doing business with us that we take adherence to applicable laws and compliance matters extremely seriously. We’re also open to listening if there’s anything we are doing that might not be up to par and encourage to report any compliance concern. If dealing with concerns with the person directly is not possible, or if you do not feel comfortable doing so with your manager, you can start a case through our anonymous Speak Out platform, part of our whistleblower system. This is just another way we demonstrate our commitment to integrity, transparency and ongoing development.


In your research, you find out that one of our key international personnel suppliers has been fined for human rights violations that include slavery and human trafficking. You send the information to your manager as you feel it violates the standard Movinx sets for itself and its partners. Your manager asks you to keep this information to yourself as your team does not have the time to seek an alternative supplier. These violations are in direct violation of our standards, if your manager is unwilling to act in this instance, you are encouraged to escalate this issue. You may wish to speak to someone in the Legal & Governance team, or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may start a case via our Speak Out platform. Any information you provide, regardless of the method, will be confidential and your concern will be taken seriously.

Where can I find out more?

Our Speak Out platform is available via our website. If you have any questions about any aspects of how to raise concerns, report violations or how we treat them at Movinx, contact the Legal & Governance team.

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