Principle 1: Respect laws


Respect laws

We comply with local laws and regulations everywhere we do business. Movers seek to understand all laws that apply to our work and how we can act in a way that protects our people, our company and our partners from potential damage.

Key points.

  • When our decisions aren’t governed by laws our company values help guide us.
  • When we don’t know, we seek out the answers along with our Legal & Governance team and empower ourselves.
  • We uphold these standards among ourselves and our partners.

Fine print.

As we grow to different markets, a number of local and international laws and regulations will apply to the work we do. We take these seriously and expect Movers to comply with them. In particular, those with budget or personnel responsibilities should always familiarize themselves with fundamental laws, regulations and policies that are relevant to their functions.


You have organized a seminar for Movinx with external participants and received personal data from its participants. A colleague asks you to pass the email addresses on. Do not pass this data on without consulting the Legal & Compliance team. As a general rule, data may be used only for the purpose it was communicated and intended for.

Where can I find out more?

Whenever you have questions about applicable laws, regulations or company policies that apply to your function or activity, contact the Legal & Governance team.

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