Principle 8: Protect your tech and data


Protect your tech and data

Tech, data and information are at the core of everything we do, keeping them safe – regardless of the role we play at Movinx – is our priority.

Key points.

  • We use approved IT tools and practices to safeguard our tech, information and network – Movers stay up to date with these tools, and use them daily.
  • The protection of personal data is paramount and we are compliant with all applicable privacy and protection laws.
  • Any information pertaining to our people, business, customers and partners is confidential and will be protected.

Fine print.

We use information technology and process electronic data on a daily basis. This involves several risks and requires strict security practices to protect intellectual property and personal data.


You work remotely and will deliver a business presentation at the office in Berlin. To do this, you want to take your laptop where you have all your documents saved. You want to go through the presentation once more to prepare while on the plane or train. Beware of reviewing confidential documents in public. Use, for example, mirror glass screen protectors and remember to always lock your laptop.

A supplier gives you a free USB stick as part of their end of year cards. Do not plug any external hardware into Movinx hardware (i.e. laptop). Any IT hardware must be requested from our IT department.

The cybersecurity officer at Movinx asks everyone to complete the Security Training for the quarter. You don’t know what it is. Ask your manager or email the cybersecurity officer enquiring about next steps. Movers have the responsibility of staying up to date with our security trainings and policies.

Where can I find out more?

For further information see the Movinx Information Security Policy, or the Data Protection Policy.

For any hardware, IT or security questions, Movers can contact our IT help line directly. Further information about tools can also be found in the employee handbook: How Movers do. Further questions can always be directed to Movinx managers.

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