Principle 4: Be fair


Be fair

We conduct our business fairly. We don’t offer or accept bribes, or kickbacks, and we are advocates of free and fair trade between companies, industries and markets.

Key points.

  • Fancy gifts or offers are not enough to sway us when we make decisions.
  • We uphold confidentiality between partners and our shareholders to ensure no one has an unfair advantage.
  • We only sell insurance products that genuinely protect and benefit customers.

Fine print.

We do not accept or tolerate bribes of any forms. Gifts and hospitality are permissible under certain conditions, if they serve a legitimate business purpose and are not intended as compensation in exchange for unlawful or improper advantage. We also observe antitrust and competition laws and except all communication with shareholders and partners to comply with these. Any assumed or potential conflict of interest is promptly disclosed. 


At an insurtech conference where you are representing Movinx and hoping to establish new contacts, you are building relationship with employees from our competitors. In your discussions, one of these tries to elicit information from you about Movinx’s future business and cooperation plans. In return, they offer to reveal beneficial information about their company as well. In this instance, make it abundantly clear that you will not talk to them about these topics. This would, in addition to the unauthorised disclosure of business secrets, be a violation of competition and anti-trust laws, and could have drastic consequences for you personally and our company. Immediately document this conversation and inform your Legal & Compliance team.

Your boss asks you to check the offers of several vendors for a reimbursement tool for travel expenses. While doing so, you find out that one of the most favourable offers comes from the company of a good friend. You inform your manager of the situation and withdraw from the decision-making process to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest and biased decision, even if you believe you would act professionally.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions or encounter any situation that could constitute a real or potential breach of competition, anti-trust, anti-bribery or confidentiality laws, contact the Legal & Governance team.

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