Principle 3: Be diligent


Be diligent

We’re not too cool to read contracts, to care about the details and to do our research. We have standards and so should anybody or company who wants to work with us, whether they’re Movers or business partners. 

Key points.

  • When researching potential partners we assess whether their legal, moral and ethical standards are aligned with ours.
  • We make business decisions based on transparent and consistent criteria.
  • We contract based on what’s best and fair for our company, not our buddies.

Fine print.

Our shareholders and business partners (such as insurance companies, vendors and consultants) expect to be able to rely on Movinx to be well informed about our contractual obligations. We take our time to ensure all aspects of our work makes sense and checks out.


You need to hire a market research company to conduct customer interviews across various markets. We do not have any existing contacts in this area and you don’t know where to start. In consultation with your manager, you create a detailed and transparent scoping document for the project. You then consult the Legal & Governance team for assistance with Movinx’s procurement policy to better understand how to procure a supplier for this new project. You also consult with the Finance team to understand whether there are any specific criteria or limitations to consider when hiring this new supplier.

Where can I find out more?

Familiarize yourself with our Procurement Policy, if you have any questions, please contact the Legal & Governance or Finance & Controlling teams.

For projects over €25.000 budget, a Vendor Compliance Assessment – which includes a standardized questionnaire – also needs to be completed.

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