Principle 7: Be safe


Be safe

We don’t take shortcuts on our health and wellbeing. We use the tools and resources available to us to make the healthiest and safest decisions for ourselves and our team.

Key points.

  • We always observe occupational health and safety practices while working – whenever and wherever we work.
  • We don’t push ourselves or our team beyond our limits.
  • We help each other and encourage boundaries.

Fine print.

Occupational health and safety (“OHS”) goes beyond physical concerns, we encourage healthy practices in all aspects of our work. We do not tolerate excessive working hours and we encourage a healthy balance of work and free time. Our annual leave policy, remote working budget, and policies on OHS further support this.


You split your working time between the office and your home office. You consult with the People team about safe working practices and ergonomic guides for your home working station. You use the Movinx remote budget to purchase a safe working chair and computer screen to ensure you are working safely at home.

Where can I find out more?

For further information see the Movinx Working Time and Vacation Time Policy. Movers who have questions about maintaining healthy and safe work practices, should speak to their manager or contact the People team.

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