Our benefits

Our benefits

We know that Movers will enjoy the rewarding work with us, but that they also need to feel valued and respected at work. We’re continuously working with our team to understand from them what that means for them, and how we can show them just how much we appreciate the hard work they do. 

Below you will find a summary of some of our perks because we believe in transparency and clarity from day one. Feel free to ask us any more questions about these in our contact form, or during your interview.

Flexible working

We know that Movers will enjoy the rewarding work with us, but that they also need to feel valued and respected at work. We’re continuously working with our team to understand from them what that means for them, and how we can show them just how much we appreciate the hard work they do. 

Where you work / We have great offices in Berlin where all our team can work, or you can decide to work remotely as part of your offer, depending on your role.

When you work / Once you get started with us, we encourage flexibility in how you get your work done. If that means you need your hours to be flexible, that you need to work certain days from home, or that you need to access meeting rooms in different cities or countries – we’ve got you covered!

How you work / When you start working with us, you would be provided not only with the laptop of your choice along with screens, keyboards, headsets and all the tools you need to work from anywhere, you can also receive a budget to support remote working. This way, if you need extra assistance to help you to acquire a desk, chair, lamp and other items to get your home office comfortable – we can do that..

WeWork Perks / In partnership with our co-working space location, Movers can unlock a truly global landscape with office locations in many different cities and countries. In addition, Movers can access all the perks of WeWork locations such as free coffee, water and a range of benefits and services as part of our partnership.

Self-managed holidays/annual leave

We work our best when we are fresh and inspired, so we believe that you should take as much time off as you need. We encourage our people to work with their team leaders to establish clear and transparent goals so that their success is measured on outcomes, not how days they are sitting in front of their screens. We have found this to be an extremely effective policy that helps our people hit the right work-life balance and encouraging them to give our team their all when they’re online …The only rule we have is that you need to take a minimum of 20 business days off. The rest is up to you to decide.

Unlimited access to counselling services

Your wellbeing is extremely important to us. That’s why we provide all Movers with unlimited access to confidential, personal counselling services that support your mental health and wellbeing. Through our third-party providers, you can access online 1-on-1 virtual sessions, group sessions, workshops, masterclasses and a range of content that can support you to prioritise YOU.

Pension scheme

We believe in financial security now and in the future, that’s why we support our employees to plan and invest in their retirement. For our employees who are residents of Germany, we have partnered with MetallRente to provide additional contributions when our employees chose to make voluntary payments from their gross salary into their retirement scheme.

Training and development

We are a learning organization employing curious and resourceful people, that’s why growth and development is at the core of everything we do. Every Mover is provided with a generous training budget every year so that they can invest on their training and development. In addition, team leaders and our management team take an active role in helping mentor and develop their teams so that each Mover is learning every day

Flexible perks

Flexibility is really important in this day and age, so instead of offering benefits that are not relevant for everyone, we provide a flexible monthly allowance that can be used for things that are most valuable to you. We manage these perks through a subscription service where each Mover can access to pick and choose what they want. 

Paid parental leave

Movers who live and work in Germany have parental leave entitlements protected by law. And as a family-friendly workplace, we strongly encourage all our Movers to take the time they need to spend with their new babies and young children (but also, we just love mini Movers!). 

Paid time off (Elterngeld) / Payments for parents are managed through social security as a sort of allowance for parents. The allowance paid to parents is based on the parent’s salary over the 12 months immediately prior to the birth of the child. There is an ascending scale and cap for these payments, but generally, Movers would be entitled to around 65% of their salary as paid parental leave. For more information and about the eligibility criteria for paid parental leave, please click here for the relevant German government website

Parents can qualify for paid parental leave if they have at least one child below the age of three and it can be claimed for a maximum of 12 months; 14 months for single parents. Our HR team will work with expectant and new parents to support you in your journey to becoming parents, and to ensure you have all information you need to have peace of mind during this valuable time.

Unpaid time off (Elternzeit) / Both parents can apply for unpaid leave from work to look after babies and young children, up to three years.

Health and safety

In addition to our flexible working arrangements which promote the health of our Movers by enabling remote working, our offices are subjected to increased cleaning and sanitization practices (click here for more information). In addition, we readily provide protective masks and rapid tests to any visitors and Movers to take advantage as needed.

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