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Kim, Tech

“I wanted to create an impact,”

Kim said while she reflected upon her previous tech roles.

When she came to Movinx, she was attracted by the possibility to work on something from scratch, to reinvent how platforms and code work together to deliver new solutions for our partners. Knowing that we will need to adapt these solutions to different markets around the globe, problem-solving as we grow made it challenging: “and that’s exciting!” 

Here you really get to plant a seed and see it grow from scratch. I’d never had that before.

Kim doesn’t know how she ended up in tech. Growing up in India, she knew that to make her parents happy she would need to be a doctor or an engineer to make them proud, so she chose the “easier path” and almost serendipitously found software engineering. She quickly developed a passion for seeing her code do what she intended it to do.

When she moved to Europe to continue developing in her field, Kim was surprised to see how few women in tech she found. It was eye-opening when she was faced by recruiters who were shocked when they met her: “Oh hi Kim, so you’re a woman, and you’re a Salesforce engineer!?” she recalled.

While encouraging more women in tech was never something she set out to do when she started her career, she slowly started to see how richer and stronger teams can be when they are more diverse. Teams that have diversity of thought and experiences are able to tackle more complex problems and ultimately deliver stronger outcomes for the whole operation – and those are the kinds of projects that Kim really wants to be a part of.

When asked about the biggest difference between working in tech in Germany and India is, however, Kim quickly replied: “Air conditioning! There are air-cons everywhere in India! I was tired of wearing sweaters while sitting at the computer all the time!” – Who would have thought, she would have felt colder working in India…?

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