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Erik, Finance

“As surprising as it may sound, I didn’t always dream of being an accountant when I grew up!” Erik told us that while it wasn’t what he set out to do, he got a passion for the stock market early as a way to bond with his over the numbers… and the rest is history.

While some people might find numbers dry, Erik likes the story they tell. When you put finance and controlling together, you are taking a birds-eye view at a company and allowing numbers – data – to start telling a story about what you can, should, or must do. It’s full of possibilities.

There was always something appealing about working at a startup environment. Having come from a traditional sector, in finance, and working in traditional German companies, a more flexible working culture was always something that appealed to him. As someone who loves travelling and sailing, he wanted to work somewhere that could allow him to work when he’s able to and take the time out he needs to balance his other passions. This is what brought him to Movinx.

It was so surprising to get here and for people not to wonder what you’re doing all the time. There’s freedom and trust, and that’s – sadly – really surprising.

Importantly, working for Movinx allows him to do what he loves and create impact. And that’s something he lives in other aspects of his life, such as his own venture with coffee!

Along with his friends, they committed to “making coffee social again”, focusing on importing roasted coffee from South America, to help strengthen and support the local communities where coffee beans start, instead of only importing green beans and taking away the opportunity of those communities to remain self-reliant throughout the value-chain.

And that’s Movinx: curious people who want to do more for the world we live in, who want to create an impact and who are looking for companies whose values are aligned with their own. Importantly, people who are looking for a place where they have the freedom to spread their wings and get things movinx!  

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